Saturday, 12 April 2014

Really? Sometimes I wonder...

Things have bee pretty crazy here this last week, mostly involving the care and maintenance of the critters, we've been rushing about basically non-stop. We only have a couple of big things left and then it's just some fine tuning before we leave. I think I should split this into sections:
Oh, Canada-the epic trip edition:
Flights? Check. Accommodation? Check. Trains? Check. Buses? F'd if I know, maybe? Hopefully? Activities? Um don't even talk to me about it. Phone? Yeah, no. Food? I have 2 definites: ches's fish and chips in Newfoundland and smokes poutine...which is everywhere pretty much. For 5 weeks that's a pretty poor effort.....I really need to get onto this. I'm thinking we'll try asian in Vancouver and there's apparently a really good Ethiopian restaurant in Winnipeg which I'd like to try, on a food related note I also want to visit Granville island (Vancouver) and the markets in Montreal. Oh and the smoked meat sandwiches in Montreal. Wait...don't they have bagels too? You can probably tell I'm fairly food orientated. I won't lie to you: I am. But I'm also a terribly fussy eater who drives everyone nuts. Sorry about that. It frustrates me too as I genuinely try things before I pass judgement and it's always disappointing to add yet another thing to my 'don't like it' list. As for packing that's a whole nuther thing my friends. I'm trying to go carry on only so I'm a bit limited in what I can's not a bad thing but it makes the all important decision of wether to take a jacket or not a bit hard. Anyway I'll figure it out. Heres a list of where we'll be visiting, any suggestions for food or things to do welcome:
Vancouver (thinking of doing a chinatown walking tour, visiting the suspension bridge, Granville island, richmond night markets, Stanley park, maybe Grouse mountain and apparently we're meant to find a neon green jacket my niece wants)
Victoria (gardens, apart from that no idea)
Jasper (Glacier walk, some hiking trails, tramway-that's about all we've got so far)
Edmonton (no idea. Take the bus to Banff and lake Louise hopefully)
Calgary (only a day here, no idea what we'll do)
Winnipeg (there's a national park I'd like to visit but they have no transport :( )
Toronto (again not sure what we'll be doing here)
Niagara falls (seeing the falls. Duh :) )
Ottawa (tulip festival, other than that ?)
Quebec (no idea)
Montreal (market, no idea)
Halifax (get out to peggy's cove, have a look at Dalhousie)
PEI (see Anne of green gables)
St John (no idea)
So there it is, the epic Canadian trip. Hopefully I'll love it and want to go back, we're also missing a couple of places I want to see and have a short time on others.....plenty of exploring left to do! :) I'll post a more detailed packing list once I've got it under control.
Life, general:
Not much to report, I finally found a leather jacket I like after 3 years of looking. Unfortunately I now I can't decide if I want to take it with me or not. I also got one of these:, not from this website cause they don't ship here, as I'm really over carrying a handbag. They suck. Hopefully this will be a suitable solution.
Life, love:
I've met someone. Problem is we both want very different things, you see all he wants is milk and to be scratched behind the ears. He has no interest in travelling either. Also he's a lamb. These things are never simple....... ;)
Life, goals/future:
I'm currently working pretty hard on this with my brain doctor. It's pretty scary and some things (most things?) still feel impossible. But I'm trying, I'm going to give it my best shot-and I'm terrified.
Life, list/bucket list:
I haven't ticked anything off of it yet but I've got a few to add:
* Try caving
* Try diving
* Visit an internet friend
* Travel solo
* Visit Tofino, Canada
* Visit Petra, Jordan
* Visit Jerusalem, Israel
* Visit Egypt
* Visit Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia
* Visit Spain
* Visit England
* Go to a pub
* Join a club/group
* Get a university degree
* Conquer social anxiety
* Have a bob haircut
* Learn to braid (half complete.  Can do other people but not myself...)
* See Lana Del Rey concert
Things I've done that I probably shouldn't have:
Bought 2 Lana Del Rey tickets for Toronto that I found......could all go horribly wrong....cross your fingers for me. Luckily I didn't pay a huge amount and they are okay seats, not great, but okay.

That's it for now :)

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