Thursday, 18 September 2014

Compromise, compromise, compromise!

Problem being I'm always the one compromising. If someone has to stay home for whatever reason it's me, is someone has to go without it's me, if someone has to sit in a bad seat it's me-to be fair mostly I really don't mind. But these last few weeks are making me worry I may not get anything done if I don't stand my ground a bit more-my sister and mum are heading up to QLD to check out the uni and housing.....I have to stay home to take care of the animals, I won't lie, I'm a bit irritated as I really wanted to go to the uni and ask a few questions, I also wanted to check out what kind of flat in what kind of location I might be looking at. No go. My mum has promised we'll go up later but I honestly don't think we will, case in point I've dropped the whole learning to drive and tutoring to help organise the selling of the livestock/cleaning up/all the other pesky stuff that comes with moving. It looks like I'll have to move twice in a matter of months, I raised this concern with my mum but she thinks it won't be a problem. Who knows, maybe it won't? But it likely will be. I also feel weird about moving, I think I'm just too shocked right now to feel anything but I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and I'll freakout have a nervous breakdown. I keep working so hard to make everyone else's lives the way they want whilst mine just idles away, I've been wondering quite seriously lately if I'll ever have any kind of life I want.
In less heavy news is anyone else loving Outlander? Is Jamie the cutest dude ever or what? Looks like I still have a thing for redheads :)
ETA: I just went over to post a comment on the29yearoldvirgins blog and it's been deleted! *cries* I hope I see her around again. I feel like I've neglected my online friends a bit in this last little while :(


  1. I agree that it sounds like it would be good for you to stand up more for what you want. I know it's not easy to change habits quickly though.

    I had the same thing with the29yearoldvirgin's blog - hope she's OK!

    1. Sorry it took me a while to reply to this matt, I've been feeling a bit blah, as always much appreciated!

      Yeah I think you're right :)

      I really hope she's okay too!