Friday, 1 May 2015

Better at life?

As usual lately some things have happened lately to make me question myself. As you know I ran my own agricultural business for around 3 years, it just broke even, I won prizes and worked 14+ hour days, 7 days a week 10 months of the year (the other 2 were spent getting stuff organised for the coming year). It was exhausting. My competitors spread vicious rumours. I was always on the outer of the group because I wasn't a city person who'd retired and decided to go into this particular field, rather I was born and breed country. People judged me and doubted me due to my age. Then I realised I would never have a chance to travel or go to university, and yes, maybe stupidly, have a relationship. Then my mother got sick and couldn't help share the workload.So I closed the business. All the same people who'd given me a hard time suddenly came out of the woodwork to enquire why I was closing as I was doing so well, and to try and make me feel bad for 'not working hard enough' to keep it going. They also tried to buy my equipment. I withdrew and started about trying to build a better life. People still approach me now to ask if I'll be starting again and why I quit, the truth is it's always in the back of my mind to start up again-but I'm just not sure if the amount of work, lack of outside life and the petty backstabbing is worth it: is that what I really want out of life?
Then I made the mistake at looking up some of my competitors, they all seem happy and to be doing well and I think: am I a failure? Did I give up too soon? Are they better at life? Do people just like them better than me?
Frankly days like this make me feel done with life. I just am sick of always feeling like I'm wrong or I'm doing something wrong. But lets face it I must me, or my life wouldn't look like it does and I wouldn't feel how I feel.
So I guess I get an F in life and the worst part is I always try so hard.


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  1. Wow - 14-hour days 7 days a week?? That's so much work! I feel upset just having to do 7-hour days 5 days a week! Anyway, I think that comparing your life to those of other people isn't usually helpful. It doesn't matter what they're doing - the main thing is trying to move towards liking your life, and recently I think it sounds like you're making some good steps. You don't need to grade your life for a few more decades yet!