Wednesday, 20 May 2015

That would be a no then?

I've been pretty busy, and as a consequence my online activities have tended to suffer, the internet is the first ball I drop when things get hectic unfortunately. I know there are people who juggle blogs, families, exercise and school. I admire them greatly, but I'm not one of them! So I've been MIA for a bit and after this post I'll probably disappear again for a while. But here's a rough recap of what's happening now and over the next few weeks:
*I'm officially in my second term of school! After this one is done I'm halfway.
*Math this term has been my least favourite kind :( Headache inducing.
*Biology is interesting but the exam I took last term was brutal, hope the next one goes okay
*English is going okay, I've got my grades up to over 80% which I'm pleased about
*Took my first ever driving test. Failed it due to a missed observation check. I didn't cry though!
*Booked in another driving test, which I'm already worried about
*I'm still on track with my running, although I'm getting a bit bored of the treadmill! And I have some new broken capillaries to show for my efforts.
*I'm off to Europe with my sister in my school holidays

I have 3 assignments right now, 2 are things I've never done before (experiment and oral presentation) which is stressful as I'm not sure how to go about doing them and I'm worried I'll get bad marks for them. The other 1 is my math assignment which is full of my weakest areas math wise so is stressful. I've made it this far and I don't want to fail out or quit, but the pressure is on these next few weeks. Then I have 3 exams in as many weeks. So pretty full on!

I've been accepted into uni for next year, the uni I'm thinking of is not prestigious but it does offer the exchange I want in my program. The course I'm interested in is more a practical degree (it's in a health science area) so it doesn't rely on prestige as much as, say, a law degree but still I'm sure some would say go for the more prestigious uni even though it doesn't offer the exchange I want. Any thoughts from out there in the blogosphere?

I'm very nervous over the idea of moving even though it's a while away.

I'll be sure to let you all know how I go! Even if it takes a few weeks.....


PS My blogs second birthday is coming up on the 10th of June! I'll be sure to post something then :)


  1. Sounds like more good progress - well done you! I failed my first driving test too - lots of people do I think. Good luck with the next test and the exams, and well done for keeping going with it all!

    1. Hey Matt,
      Thanks :) Yeah I just get so damn nervous! It sucks! I hope I do okay too, this biology assignment is seriously kicking my butt :(