Thursday, 11 June 2015

Happy (belated) birthday blog!

My blog turned 2 on the 10th of June! Thats pretty amazing. It seems like longer than that to me. In that time I've started to 'get shit done', lets do a list (because lists rock...):
* I finally said enough and stopped letting anxiety ruin my life, I started seeing someone about my anxiety and actively started working on getting better
* I traveled overseas, with my mum, and started to consider having my own solo overseas adventure
* I went back to school!
* I've stuck out 6 months at school so far....6 more to go
* I learned to drive
* I passed my driving test!
* I met cool people and made friends via my blog
* I made a friend at school
* I've made plans with my new friends to do stuff
* I completed C25K and moved on to 10K progression

It's not a huge list, but compared to before I started my blog I've definitely made forward progress. I just hope it continues along slowly but surely.



  1. That's a lot of stuff - well done! I can't remember whether we had heard yet that you passed your driving test - congratulations, and happy belated blog birthday!

    1. Thanks! And no I don't post about it on the blog, I'll talk about it in an upcoming post but I was pretty stoked to pass for sure :)