Tuesday, 2 June 2015


It's been a crazy few weeks here. I handed in my Biology assignment, after it nearly drove me crazy. I had a strong urge to snatch it back form the teacher immediately after handing it over........because I felt it needed more work. But my biology assignment obsession made me drop the ball on my other assignment from my english class. Dammit! In the end I asked for an extension, which I was granted, I still feel bad about needing it but the assignment wouldn't get done otherwise. It's another assignment type I've never done before and as such is causing me some issues and stress. This is the most out of step and behind I've felt with school since I started, I've been feeling a bit blah just generally and then this feeling that I'm a little bit behind is making me panic and feel even worse. And then exams are coming up in 2 weeks and I feel unprepared and worried. Particularly about bio and math as there are so many things to remember and I want to keep my grade decent. So there's been a fair bit of stress happening!
Then on top of all that I've been discussing with my mum driving back and forth to school when (if?) I get my licence and then also thinking of literally being cold turkey first-time-living-alone in February next year with no safety net (mum will be thousands of kms away) and how that might not be such a great idea. My mum decided that it would be a stellar idea for me to stay in the city where I go to school for 3 days a week-no driving back and forth at night and also living alone road test with a safety net! I wasn't sure. I'm still not sure. But once my mum decides something that's usually it, and sure enough by next week we'll likely be signing a lease. This is both kind of exciting (my own place 3 days a week, buying some house stuff, friend promising to visit and go running) and absolutely terrifying (being alone at night when people are around outside, handling doing *everything* by myself, being lonely), I have no idea how it'll go. Okay hopefully.

I'm not very good at adulting, I think I fail the 'functional adult' test pretty spectacularly (my 17 year old classmates are more independent than me. No seriously), hopefully I can learn otherwise Uni and solo travel look pretty sketchy. I don't know what I'll do if I find I can't function as a normal adult-it will be the death of many hopes and dreams.



  1. I still think it sounds like you're making good progress. It doesn't matter if other younger people have done things or whatever - you've done plenty that they've never done! (e.g. running your business.) I think that the safety net / gradual progress idea might be a good one, but only if you're happy with it of course.

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    2. Thanks Matt, I think trying to remember slow and steady will get me there is key. It's hard to remember that though when people are going ahead and things are going well for them and you're sort of floundering along.