Sunday, 23 June 2013

What would my life be like if....

I didn't have social anxiety?
Well here's how I'd like to think it would've gone:
*I'd have fit in at school. I would've always had someone to sit with and I would've been invited to some parties. Which I would've enjoyed.
*I'd have done some silly things at said parties which I'd now look back on and cringe at.
*I'd have gone to prom.
*Me and my group of friends (and possibly boyfriend) would've gone on a road trip and/or camping trip when we got our licences.
*Every weekend there'd be a plan for a party or sporting event or dinner that I could join if I wanted, which I would feel comfortable and welcome at.
*I'd go, solo or otherwise, on a euro gap year and have loads of fun and always remember it fondly.
*I'd have gone to uni and had a blast learning, hanging with friends and going out with some various boys.
*I'd work overseas for a few years, making new friends and meeting cute foreign guys.
*I'd be able to join a sporting team, go to the gym and travel solo without having huge anxiety.
*I'd have been a bridesmaid by now
*I'd maybe be engaged or married now
*I'd have a solid plan for the next few years involving travel and lots of fun adventures
*I'd be on the same page as my partner with starting a family mid-thirties.
*Most importantly I wouldn't feel I'd wasted my best years with no way of regaining them and no future either. Oh and not suffering crippling anxiety would be nice too.

So a note to all reading this who can do these things, but may be putting them off.......don't hesitate and don't put it off! It might seem very everyday but I'd give my eye teeth for these experiences. And I hate dentists. Trust me being able to go to the store anxiety free is a gift, enjoy the heck out of it :)



  1. That's tough. Is your social anxiety severely debilitating?

  2. I never used to think so but I'm just realising that it is, not being able to do anything by yourself without anxiety is not normal. I'm also realising that I'm sort of holding myself prisoner, I want to go and do stuff but my social anxiety stops me, I think about it, imagine how wrong it could go and curl up with a book instead :( I hate it. I feel like I'm constantly straining against myself and the image of how I want to be. I'd like to think it's achievable but it just seems so far away.