Thursday, 27 June 2013

So apparently

I give people the impression of being confident and assertive, aggressive and intimidating even. WTF ladies and gentlemen, I'm the softest touch around, I'd do anything to avoid a conflict (even up to eating the wrong order then sending it back at a restaurant), I'd give you the shirt of my back if I thought you needed it not to mention being super nervous around people and not confident at all, so why do people see me like this? I try to be as friendly and approachable as possible but apparently I'm failing. Badly. Maybe I should just do a Sherlock and not even try to make nice, can't make my impression any worse it would seem :(
PS I've discovered I'm allergic to sunscreen. In australia. With milk white skin. Isn't that just convenient.


  1. Same here, minus the shirt off my back bit, lol. How can anyone be intimidated by little ole me? I started giving up too. I'm tired of trying to assuage people's preconceived notions of me. It doesn't work anyway, when I try to be very friendly. Such a waste of energy. Totally see myself becoming a crappy old spinster.

    How are you allergic to sunscreen? What an odd allergy. Maybe it's a specific ingredient?

  2. No you totally have to be a cool old spinster, that way I can come and join you and we will be so cool we will burn peoples eyes LOL
    But of course we're still young and have time to turn into non-spinsters, so lets keep working on it ;)
    Sunscreen it makes my eyes burn..........I thought at first it was the cream but I've since realised all creams that have sunscreen hurt me eyes :(

  3. My mom told me to get on it. Once I'm thirty, it's over. (She's been reading Steve Harvey's Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Mind-garbage). But I'm thinking we're like fine wine: only better with age.

  4. Hey, y'all. I'm about the same way in some aspects, but I've had a few hard knocks with family & friends when I was taken advantage of (especially when being giving). We all know the saying about how family will hurt you worse than a stranger? So I've learned how to keep my distance (declining invitations and remaining busy at work).

    I read Steve Harvey's book. He could've kept it, as far as I'm concerned. I watched the movie being intrigued by it, and kept laughing throughout it. It was as laughable as the book, though I liked the actors/actresses in it. Vestalis, your mom got you on a "countdown" until you're 30? Well, I guess I'm toast then! LOL! And yes, everything gets better with age.

    Vanessa, do you have shea butter where you are? That has enough of Vitamin E in it to be a good enough sunscreen but gentle on the skin, but like I tell anyone I know, do your research. I'm talking about that clear tub that says, "100% shea butter." Let me know how it goes!