Friday, 10 January 2014

So blah

Hi everyone.
I went to the uni, got my ID card and it was fine. Bar my sister and niece having a huge tears, tantrum, throw down fight before we even left home *sigh* I also found out about the student exchange which is looking less likely (less then half the applicants who meet the initial criteria get to go) which leaves me 3 years before I can think about going anywhere, which may not be a bad thing-I might need that time to prepare mentally, but still my 'getting older' panic is not soothed by the prospect at all. I'm still unsure about my study path, which course would be better for me. I have no real reason to but ever since I've been feeling really down, I'm just like 'life? eh who cares.' Anyway still alive nothing much changed yet. I sign up for tutes on Monday, so we'll see how that goes.

PS I edited this post as half of it went walk about.......

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  1. I'm slipping into the "life? who cares" place too. Hopefully once you sign up for tutes and start attending a few the study path issue clears up. I think it took me about 1 sem both times I was in uni to figure out what I was doing and stuff. And student exchanges can be tricky but I am sure if you chose the right overseas uni with courses that are a close match to what you are doing, you should be able to go. At least you have sometime to sort that out. I hope the weekend goes well for you :)