Friday, 9 May 2014


Well I've been to Jasper (beautiful) and am now in Edmonton, which reminds me of Canberra a bit weirdly, it's been fun so far........sort of starting to want to know what's going on at home with the dogs and chooks though-I asked my sister but she's not being very detailed :( Also we have now have loud neighbours at this's the worst. There's definitely a Guy and girl, I seriously hope they don't get up to nothing non-platonic (or are at least quiet about it) by myself I wouldn't mind but with my mum........can you say die of embarrassment?  Still seeing lots of nice looking guys and I've figured I feel sort of inferior to them or something and I just want to get out of I'm imposing myself on then or they're laughing at me-which I know is not the case but the feelings are still there.  Anyway it's onto Winnipeg next (so far Canadians have nothing nice to say about Winnipeg) so if anyone has any info about the peg feel free to let me know :)
Ps iPad sucks for writing blog posts.....

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  1. Glad to hear it's still mostly fun. I still vote for trying to talk with a guy or two! Most guys don't feel like women are "imposing on them" if women talk to them. I guess the main thing is to enjoy your trip, though, so if trying to do this would spoil it then maybe it's not worth it!