Thursday, 11 December 2014

Hopes, dreams, disappointment and disillusionment

Here are a few things I hope to do one day, first up SUP or stand up paddle boarding:

looks like fun doesn't it? Secondly snorkelling:

I realise the pic with the whale shark is actually scuba diving but the sentiment is the same-it looks like fun! Thirdly, hows about some canoeing?:

I think wilderness canoeing adventure would be pretty amazing. Fourthly, stay at a cabin with a lake with a swim raft:
swim raft

You have no idea how long it took me to find out what they were called....lets just say way too long.....embarrassing. But I think a few days at a lake with some friends would be amazing. Fifthly, snowboarding!:

I also wouldn't mind trying out surfing one day although its not as high on my list as the others mentioned:

You've probably noticed that these are mostly water sports, I think this has something to do with my deep love of water as a youngster: I learnt to swim at 3 and was rarely out of the water until about 12 (when self consciousness set in).....if I could let go of that I just know I'd love getting back in the water, with ample sunblock of course! These are the kind of images that speak to me, they touch my soul somehow, make me want:
beach life

Maybe its the implied carefree confidence they imply? I don't know but it sure looks good! Looking at these pics it's hard not to think about body image and fitness, the girl with the plait in these pics has pretty much my dream body:
C2 fit

I don't know if it's just me but fitness talk always confuses me: on one hand someone will be saying 'cardio!', another 'no! Weights only!', another will say 'weights and HIT cardio!' and then there's the whole healthy eating can of worms! Ah so confusing! I'll say I'm lucky, I can eat what I want and not get outside a healthy BMI, I stay somewhere around a size AU 12 US 8.....on the downside I can loose 10 kgs and still be the same dress size! I guess thats the trade off. Being a healthy BMI doesn't make me fit though, I'm a bit soft I guess, I'd like to get fit but I tend to overthink the whole thing and give up before I begin *sigh* And staying fit whilst traveling seems hard....see the overthinking there? 
This is a good read for ladies struggling with body image: All those girls are beautiful.....but are they perfect? Nope. Does it make them any less attractive? Nope. Rock on ladies. 

 The disappointment and disillusionment of this post? The fact that I'll probably never do a single one of these things. Or even if I do that I'll never be able to enjoy them. 
I just want to enjoy life.......please universe? 
 Until next time, Vanessa

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