Monday, 15 December 2014

Terror in Sydney and a brown snake in the lounge

Today has been a surreal day. Firstly there is a Lindt cafe in the Sydney CBD being held hostage by an assumed islamic extremist terrorist-I think we can all assume he's an islamic extremist but he may not be affiliated in any way. In other words he's (hopefully) working alone which will (hopefully) make the situation easier to control. There are no guarantees and it's a nearly non-existent terrorist situation that ends well-but fingers crossed for those being held hostage. I've been sort of expecting a terror attack of some sort but this still managed to shock me. This is Australia and it's no longer untouched by terror.

Also today we had a baby brown snake (about 30cms long and just as venomous as a big fella) turn up in our lounge room. We rang around to try and find someone to catch him, but in the end no one could come so we had to catch him ourselves.......I gently popped him in a bucket with a fire poker. So now we have a brown snake in a bucket......not the end we couldn't find anyone to take him so we took him to a nearby creek and let him go. I'm hoping we don't have an encore.

I wonder if this is how Canadians feel when they find a bear in the hot tub........


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