Monday, 22 December 2014

I'm so good at confusing myself

I really should be advising others on how to do it! Asking other peoples opinion seems to just leave me even more confused than I was to start with……….in other words I have no idea what I should be doing! It’s times like these I miss the incel forums-lots of other people who understand where you’re coming from and willing to give you advice. But then again that just seems to confuse me……
Even my mum and sister have different opinions and it’s just so confusing! And then sometimes my mum comes out with something that makes me question the whole thing. Then I wonder if I’m not doing that then what am I doing? Nothing probably.
Maybe I’ll just go sulk for a bit. I don’t even need to take a course for that ;)
PS anyone have any news on the incel forums?


  1. Hullo! Greetings from England! Just came across your blog, and I really identify with some of the stuff you have been discussing - and recognised many of the things you described too!

    Wishing you a great 2015, and may all your dreams at last come true in the coming year! ^_^


    PS. The bat story was adorable! I wish we had more critters like this where we live!

    1. Hello Mimi,
      I'm glad you like the blog :) Hopefully I'll see you around again sometime!

      Same to you!