Thursday, 1 January 2015

Lets talk new years resolutions shall we?

I kind of fail at new years resolutions. Usually I don't have them as a) I suck at making lists, b) I suck at following through on lists and c) I usually don't believe I'll do whatever it is I'm making a list about. Yeah. I really need to work on that. Making goals is important. Achieving them even more so. In that vein I'll do a new years res list and see what happens:
* Learn to cook a few more healthy recipes. I can cook but mostly it's comfort food.....and I want to learn some light tasty recipes for if I'm living on my own.
* See the new hobbit movie in the actual cinema
* Keep posting on my blog
* Travel to Europe with my sister (this is tentative, my sister changes her mind like nothing else)
* Get my P-plates/provisional licence
* Use my new life planner!!!
* Wear my jewellery more often, it may not be worth $$$ but I enjoy it so I should wear it more
* Find a tinted moisturiser I like and learn to use it
* Tint my eyelashes
* Stop putting stuff down and forgetting it! I do this all the time with my phone and's just a matter of time before they're permanently gone!
But by far the biggest one of all:
* Figure out the whole university situation!
This is a multi tiered problem to solve, not the least of which is my own feeling that I just won't succeed so why even try? I really need to work on getting over that. Period. So in breaking it down I can't make the big decision up front so I've made a series of smaller steps:
* step one see a math/science tutor, show them the course out line, do some tutoring and see where they think I need to start ie pre-high school diploma, high school diploma or TPP
* Once I've done that I'll enrol in which ever one is the most suitable. No excuses.
* If I fail try again. And again. Don't just give up.

So that's a start right?



  1. That is a start and I think it's a good idea to push yourself more with lists. Would it be useful to set any time deadlines? Or maybe you can post updates relating to progress each month or so. Happy New Year!

    1. I'm certainly going to try the list thing anyway :)
      I haven't set any deadlines yet but I will post about what I'm doing and how it's going via the blog for sure :) A little bit of encouragement from complete strangers goes a long way LOL
      Happy new year to you too :)

  2. Hullo Vanessa! And a happy 2015 New Year to you! Your list sounds great and very sensible (can't believe you are "bad" at making them - yours looks so much better than any resolutions I have made!) :) You have the right attitude, not to give up whatever life may bring - and may you achieve everything you wanted this year! ^_^

    PS. The new "Hobbit" film is superb - really recommend it! :)

    PPS. Re tinted moisturisers - Laura Mercier is quite nice (but it's a bit pricey), and Body Shop, but it's a BB cream rather than tinted moisturiser per se (though won't recommend it for hot summery weather, since it's heavier and better for colder months).

    Best wishes for 2015!


    1. Hey Mimi,
      Thanks :) I really am bad at making them....or maybe I'm just bad at following through on them LOL Hopefully my attitude will keep with me, and thanks! Same to you :)

      Ah I'm dying to see it! Dying!

      Yeah I've heard the LM one is good, also the NARS many of them! It's hard to choose!