Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Dear universe: you suck

Another exciting week. Well no, not really. I read some of these blog posts (I know what the hell was I thinking): apparently I should just go live under a rock. This is also true if you're over 30 and/or you don't have killer hair. I realise this should not be taken too seriously but at the same time I wonder how many men think like this? Am I really over the hill at 26? My sister is still hot at 36, is she over the hill? What 'number' am I? I come from a family of unfairly attractive people, both my sisters were/are drop dead gorgeous, my niece is pretty cute, my dad was movie star attractive (why didn't he pass on those dimples, dammit?) and my mum was not to shabby either. I resent the fact that I'm the only ordinary/plain one in my family, why me? If I had been blessed with the best personality I wouldn't mind so much but I'm definitely the only really quiet and shy one too. *sigh* And the double standard of age in dating, what's with that? They make it sound like women don't recognise that younger men might be hot, that only men can see that a 20 year old college student is really beautiful (and also not off limits), but that women should always date 'older' then they are-why? I also find 20 year old college students unfairly attractive, much more attractive then the 40 year old balding man with bad teeth and a beer gut behind the counter at the convenience store, the 20 year old is not in my dating 'range', the 40 year old is. If I was a man? The 40 year old would be out of my 'dating range' but the 20 year old would be in it. Confusing. Also I'm not saying older men can't be very attractive, they certainly can be, as a matter of fact my dad was much older than my mother and they were great together, and I also understand the reproductive issue, but really whats five years one way or the other? That's my personal view on this, not that dudes are knocking down my door or anything, but I'd date 5 years younger to 5 years older. Are you confused yet? I am. I confuse myself LOL Anyway in line with this a local high school teacher has been flirting with the girls at the school, he's 26, the reaction? Well of course he's tempted what with all those young girls flirting with him! Unacceptable in my opinion, and I can't help but wonder how different (and likely disgusted) these same people would be if it was a women doing this-it should be equally unacceptable for both sexes. On a completely unrelated note I've booked in to have my hair cut and am now freaking out about it. I feel so much of my identity is tied up with my hair, if someone asks me what I like the most about myself my hair is always the answer without even thinking about it, I think it will probably be good for me to look at myself as something other than just hair, maybe I'll grow a bit as a person? Maybe I'll end up at a shrink's, who knows? Well I'll let you guys know anyhow :)
That's all for now,
PS I found this hair blog: her hair's about the length I'm going to be cutting to, the dip dye is very cool and she does amazing styles with it :) I hope I can too.
Also found these: hopefully I can use them in my hair.......I love curls!


  1. I had to stop reading that blog post. That guy's full of crap. Not all men think with their nether regions and will react like that. And all that talk about women being "hot"...sheesh. "Hotness" is subjective. Take the things that guys like that say with a HUGE grain of salt.

    1. I know I drive myself a bit crazy. It's my own fault, I have to admit sometimes I find these thing beyond hilarious-some of the things I've read on the net, so crazy! Thanks for dropping by Dienna :))

  2. I think the post was insightful. Sadly, I believe most men think this way which is why I doubt I will be able to find a guy that would be accepting of my virginity. If I put myself in their shoes, it is kinda of a daunting task to undertake. Unless he is too into that sort of thing, which would come with it's own set of potential problems. But I don't like most guys anyway. Being selective and finding the right one should trump all of this.The problem is the "finding part."

    My mother was a beauty at her prime. I look like a slightly elongated and goofier version of her without the perfect bone structure and great head of hair. Her personality and social skills put her over the type (a queen bee). I got the better body though ; ).

    As far as the double standards with age and dating, I remember reading an article that stated that the ideal age between partners for a successful relationship is 4 years with the man being older. But, I like your range of five years younger or older.

    I hope your hair cut turned out beautifully! The length you are thinking of cutting it to is still very long.

  3. I'm not sure. I think if a guy is really interested it's not likely to be a deal breaker, for anything casual it most likely would be. I totally hear you on the 'finding' part, I don't even date and he's not likely to fall out of the sky. *sigh* I also know how you feel about your mum, my sisters got both looks and personality-It's hard not to wish for just a few years in their shoes, just so you'd know what it was like. It's not cut yet.......the 18th is the big day.....eeppppp I know to normal humans it's still long but to me it's short! LOL I've used a pic of it as it is now for my profile......I'd never post any other part of myself, but what can I say?, I love my hair!