Friday, 21 February 2014

Social constructs

My niece asked my sister about one of her friends today, it went like this: 'how old is L?' my sister '40 something' my niece 'is she married?' my sister 'no' my niece 'well she should be'
She's 10 but already society has told her you need a boyfriend/husband or you're worthless. I'm sure they've talked about me too, thank god it wasn't in front of me.

In other news I may be headed off to Canada with my mum at some point in the next few months-something to look forward to I hope :)



  1. Hopefully when your niece gets a bit older she'll realise that the world is more varied and complex than that! Fingers crossed for the Canada trip!

  2. Hope you get to go to Canada!

  3. I hope you do get to go to Canada. :)