Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Surprise! Math=the devil.

Guess what? After buying all our textbooks (and stocking up on unnecessary stationary........) and going to uni orientation (which was, to my amazement, pretty fun), I went online to read the unit outlines-and guess what? We have a math evaluation. That's not so bad I hear you saying, well maybe normally you'd be right......but it's the same one the engineer students have to take. Make no mistake I think being an engineer is an awesome job, and guess what? If I'd thought I could do the math I would've been all over that. There is no way I can wing this level of math. Oh and just to put icing on the cake you need an 80% to pass the module. Yeah? On what planet I wonder. Now I know chemistry includes math-I get that-and I think I possibly would've been able to handle the few chem specific bits I would've had to learn, but theres not a snowballs that I can manage to master engineer level math in a 6 weeks (maybe someone who just grasps math intrinsically could but it's undoubtably my weakest point). So now I feel like a bit of a fraud, I've been talking about this to everyone, posting about it here etc and now I feel like I've deceived everyone :( I honestly was keen to have a go and now this. Let this be a lesson kids: finish school and take that math class! You might need it someday!
Uni orientation was an eye opener, I  can see how 'normal' people would have a blast at uni! All the community, activities and clubs would be fabulous fun for your average young person. It really made me wish I'd gone as a kid. Well maybe a normal kid, no doubt I would've had a shit time as the shy reclusive teenager I was. They probably would've started a club just for people who didn't like me to join. Anyway no point dwelling.
In other news I went to my first brain doctor session: I really like her, she's super nice and not condescending at all. She said she likes working with people like me as she gets great results. I'm still a bit sceptical and nervous to share everything with her. But overall it was much nicer then I thought. I told her about uni of course *sigh* I feel like such a dummy.


  1. I'm glad to hear that your first session with the "brain doctor" went well - good for you for giving it a try. Sorry to hear about the Math stuff. Let me know if I can try to help with any specific parts. Will they tell you what kind of stuff you're expected to be able to do? Can you get copies of previous test papers so that you can see what kinds of questions come up? 80% seems like a high point at which to set a pass mark, but maybe the material isn't as advanced as you'd expect and that's why they think people will be able to do it. I'm sure it's not in their interests to set ridiculously hard tests and lose potential students right at the start.

    1. Yeah so am I! I was so nervous LOL
      Thanks for the offer :) The problem is I need basic year 12 math and I only have about year 8, so no amount of rushed prep is going to help. I'm looking into solutions now-I'll write a post soon. My sister is chucking a fit and making things hard though as usual.