Thursday, 12 February 2015

I suck at time management

It's becoming very clear: I should never, ever be put in charge of trying to schedule my own time. I suck at it. I have a few things I'm meant to do before next lesson.......I have no idea when to do them. On the weekend? But its the weekend! When I get home? Nah too tired. On my half day off? Maybe, are there laws about that? In other words I agonise when the 'best time' is, spend even more time worrying that I'll never have any free time again (note: worrying time could be free time. But that's how I roll) and thus get nothing done leading to a mad panic. It's super.
I really need to get it sorted though, it only the start and I'm only going to get more stuff, and I'm only doing 3 courses-some of the people in my class are doing 6 and working part time. They are either much better at time management than me, need less downtime than me or are aliens. Equal bets all ways I say.
Anyway my first week is done, so far english has been okay (and I met a nice girl to sit with!), math is in that iffy grey area: we did graphs the first week and I'm okay (on my math scale okay=not panic inducing, minimal sweating and only 20% stupid mistakes) at graphs but obviously we'll be doing other stuff so this may change, biology has been the worst for a few reasons:
*The teacher: He's really nice but I like someone to explain exactly what they want me to do, he's more of the 'read this, discuss with classmates and get answer' this doesn't work so great for me.
*The material: this is stuff I've never covered before in any form (even with math at least I'd seen/made a graph before) and theres a lot of it. That's hard for me and I felt a bit lost at least twice in the class.
*The other students: I'd say 90% of them have taken biology in some context before, they seem to know a lot of the course content for example before today I'd never heard of Eukaryotic or Prokaryotic cells (handy hint: the difference is Eukaryotic cells have nucleus and organelle membranes! Or at least I think that was it.....) but the class was discussing them as if they already knew about them. I freaked out a little bit. Also there was some math involved that I didn't know (volume, area and then dividing them to get.....I've forgotten, but you get the picture) which put me on the spot and made me uncomfortable. I hate looking stupid in front of other people.

Anyway that's the lay of the land for now. I still feel unsteady and unsure but I hope it'll get better.



  1. It sounds like you don't want to do your tasks during any of your "free time" for one reason or another! I don't blame you - I really like having free time and try not to have things intrude on it. But, given that you're just going to worry anyway, my suggestion is this: do these tasks at the first opportunity, whenever the first bit of free time comes up. Then you can stop worrying about them. Otherwise you'll just spend some of that free time worrying about them anyway, and you'll still have to do them at some point after that! Maybe help to motivate yourself by banning yourself from things like internet-wandering until you've done your tasks, then treat yourself to something fun when you finish.

    1. Whew I'm only just getting time to reply to these now!
      That's partially true, I'm also scared to start in case I can't do it or do it wrong, but I'm also just genuinely tired too-after being away so long this sort of thing is pretty draining. I hope I'll adjust and get it sorted, until then I guess I'll just do the best I can!