Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Guys: I am still alive

I feel like it's been ages! Sorry for the neglect. I am still alive, I have not met some fabulous dude and eloped, I have, however, managed to make a friend 10 years younger than me. It's kind of confusing, And somewhat embarrassing seeing as I seem to fit in better with an 18 year old than with my peers *shrugs* I've signed up for the leadership group with some prompting and I've also signed up for a tough mudder. I have gone quietly insane I suspect. I was already struggling with time management and then I went and did that-but seizing the opportunity has been something I've never done. Maybe this is it? I don't feel anymore in control than I did before and oddly enough the more people I'm in contact with the more weird about it I get: I'm all 'do they hate me?', 'am I whatsapping them too much?', 'do they really mean that?', 'do they really want to hang out?' so on and forth pretty much non-stop. It's exhausting. And then I worry over the school work too. Round and round I go. But this is my forth week, I've handed in one assignment, I've gone to dinner with my new friend and I'm hoping to get my licence in April. I've also made plans for a road trip with one online friend and plans to meet another two. This is progress I guess? I don't feel any different yet. I'm still tempted somedays just to retreat back into my comfy little shell, but then I remind myself how miserable I was there and that the world won't wait. I want to do so many things, maybe this is the start?

PS when I get all super stressed out I tend to get a bit obsessive about something. In this case it's wash tape. It's on everything. I love it. I guess it's not too bad as obsessions go......