Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Dear sister

So I got a puppy, mostly for my mum but as she complains whenever I get her something its officially my puppy-we share custody LOL, it's a small delicate toy variety of puppy. ie it's totally unsuitable for any kind of children to play with. At all. Cue my sister bringing her 10 year old daughter across, we say she can pat it through the crate but that is it. Cue the 'can't we get it out?', 'why don't you let her hold it on the floor?', 'she won't hurt it!' look I'm not trying to imply that she'd purposely hurt the puppy but I've seen her drop her own dog on its head numerous times, she's a kid. She thinks it's a good idea to drag a dog behind her bicycle or throw it off the porch to see what it does and you will get distracted and not be watching her closely. It's a very squirmy puppy and I'm sure it would get dropped. So please don't make me feel like the bad guy all the time. And if she really wants a puppy, get your own, preferably a nice sturdy golden retriever or the like who won't suffer any ill effects from being dropped/stood on/dragged behind a bike. Lets leave it at that, okay?


  1. That's how I tricked my mother into keeping my dog too, lol.

    10 is old enough, I think, for her to know how to handle a small animal. She might be a bit rambunctious, but dragging a dog behind her bicycle and throwing it off the porch? Yikes. Aunty Nessa might have to step in to teach this kid some responsibility before she kills something! Or someone has to drag her behind a moving vehicle to see how she likes it, lol.

  2. Uh, no way, she's so spoilt and can do no wrong I'd be the evil aunt for sure!! I know she doesn't mean to be rough but she really is, another example is jumping onto the lounge at full speed with the dog clutched in her hands......one slip=flat dog!