Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Really internet people?

Wow is there some misinformation and hating out there on the net. Why do we all need to judge each other so harshly? You want to wait until marriage? Good for you. You don't? Also good for you. I can respect your choice without judging on you. And then writing a whole blog post about why your choice (whichever it is) is really, really bad. If you don't agree fair enough but can't we agree to disagree instead of turning into a judge fest?
Men on body building forums are another one I love (I'm interested in fitness......I sometimes stumble upon these sites and then flee upon the use of the word 'brah'....), I'm not sure what kind of girl they're after but I'm pretty sure she doesn't model? Too muscular brah! That cute 5'5 150 pound size ten girl at starbucks (who incidentally thinks you're cute and would totally go out with you)? Wow she's a whale brah! That goth girl with short hair at the video store? She's a lesbo brah! Righto boys, maybe you should stop taking their pictures and sharing them on a forum of dudes for judgement and go out with her and see if you, shocking thought I know, like her. Also despite what that thread says most girls don't appreciate you 'going all alpha male' and trying to feel them up when they've said no once. Really.
Also the withdrawal and rhythm method are both totally reliable forms of birth control. You know, if you don't mind getting pregnant. Haven't these people watched teen mom?? (edited to add: I am not referring to the body builders forum here, they actually seem quiet up on birth control. Yeah always wrap it brah, it's a well know fact that bishes are just tryin to get pregnant so they can hang onto you and/or claim child support. Sad to think it's sometimes actually true.)
I don't even know,
PS I found this site: I thought it was interesting, I don't agree with everything they say but it was enlightening reading.
PPS If you're looking for a cool health and fitness blogger checkout:
she's a cool chick who's fit but seems to have a healthy view of food and body image.
PPPS I couldn't leave this without my fav line from the body builders forum (commonly seen after rating another dudes looks or body progress): 'srs no homo, brah!' Um okay then.


  1. I try to avoid reading anything on the internet that will annoy me, but it's hard. I especially hate stumbling across harsh or derogatory comments made towards people I identify with (black women, virgins, etc.). I've stumbled across some threads from body building sites; not the brightest minds for sure.

    I had a former coworker who proclaimed that the only form of birth control he would be using with his future wife was the rhythm method. But he also wanted like seven kids so...

    Thanks for the link to the fitness blog.

  2. Ugh I know. I hope you love the fitness blog! She seems like a cool chick :)