Sunday, 29 March 2015

Happy birthday man

Tomorrow I turn 28. Every year for some reason I expect to be in a completely different place in life by my next birthday-oddly no matter how many things I do I feel much the same. I have a few more friends than this time last year. I have plans with a couple of friends, again more than I had this time last year. I'm living somewhere new, albeit still with my mother. I'm 2 weeks off completing my first term of school. I've just completed my 10th C25K run, so am about halfway. I've signed up to a tough mudder. But as much as everything has changed it's stayed the same, I still feel nervous around people, I feel stupid on a more than regular basis, I'm never content with how I look, I still haven't got my drivers licence and I definitely don't have a boyfriend or the prospect of one.
Also I have an english test tomorrow. Happy birthday right?



  1. I think that it seems like you've made a lot of progress in this past year, and it sounds like you've got more things coming up, so I think you're heading in the right direction. Happy Birthday!