Friday, 20 September 2013

Things that p*ss me off

People who are glued to their mobile phones. Seriously people you won't die if you don't have your phone for a couple hours, honest. However the next person who texts or takes a call while in the cinema just may-and I'll rule it justifiable homicide. If you're at a movie or out to dinner, for the love of god, turn your phone off!! Even better don't take it! There are only a few exceptions to this rule, your wife/girlfriend is about to pop out a baby (although if this is the case what're you doing at the cinema with your mates?), you have a seriously ill family member (see previous. WTF are you doing here if gram is about to expire?) or you work in law enforcement/medicine and are an emergency contact. That's it. I don't care if you're expecting a call from Brad Pitt it's rude to have your phone on in the cinema, also what's with checking it (and hence lighting up it's screen like a really distracting bug. A bug I'd like to squash BTW) for texts every five minutes for the duration of the movie? No one is going to text you anything important-even if it's just your dog who's taken a turn for the worse they'll call you. So what are you checking for? If your girlfriend's Brazilian went as planned? I don't know. But stop it. Seriously. Oh and if you're either A checking your facebook status or B updating your facebook status (OMG in cinema watching X soooooo cool!) you don't deserve to live. That is all.
Maybe I'm just jealous?
PS Also if you are in class the same rules apply. No one can concentrate whilst you snicker, squirm and type a million miles a minute right next to them. Not to mention that stupid incoming text tone you have, you hear that person next to you's teeth grinding? Yeah probably a good sign you should turn off your phone before they smash it and head-butt you.


  1. And don't hate being out to dinner with a group and everyone's eyes are glued to their phones? Very rude.
    Someone made a weird comment to me after my phone keeping beeping as a result of me screwing up my notifcation settings. She asked if that was my boyfriend texting me. Ha!

    1. I.Get.So.Angry! When that happens, I actually look murderous I'm sure;) I forgive you for your phone stuff up, next time someone asks 'where's you boyfriend?' whilst fishing for info I'll say 'which one?' and see what they do......
      But take heart she thought you were the kind of girl that has a boyfriend, go you :)