Sunday, 24 November 2013

So this is weird.

I'm influenced by the internet. I know, I know so's everyone you say. Yeah. But does it have the ability to ruin their day or change their mind? Probably not. I don't like it. I find some of the stuff I find online enlightening and uplifting, but mostly I find it confusing, off putting and depressing. The exception to this was the incel forum which seemed pretty level headed, occasionally confronting, but mostly made sense-it seems to have disappeared which is unfortunate for any new female incels just entering the internet world, if anyone has visited the forum over the last few days and it worked drop me a comment, maybe it's just me! Otherwise it's a pity for all the info on there to have disappeared-some of the forum's I've come across are so filled with hatred for women it's alarming. Some are creepy: a guy commented on his liking for younger girls, another commented 'yeah I know what you mean about liking younger girls, but I think for me 16-19 is more realistic'. That is scary. 16 to 19 is a young girl. How young are we talking? I also read comments about all women being sluts of one kind or another, how after about 16 they are sullied and 'hard'. I think they may be confusing a girl growing up and acquiring her own opinions with her being a bitch. I also read how feminism has spoiled women and how one must look at a non-feminist country to find a suitable mate. There was other stuff I read that left me reeling too but I don't want to spend too much time here rehashing it :(
I've also realised something else: my mother always looks at the bad side of everything. I don't know why it's taken me this long to figure this out but there you go. She assumes that everyone is awful or wants something unless proven otherwise, she's very suspicious of people and automatically assumes the worst case of whatever they've said even if they didn't mean it that way. She also has a way of blaming me when anything goes wrong with my friends, like for example 'K hasn't called in ages. You must have said something to her' or 'T hasn't texted, what did you do to her?' and lets be fair it takes 2 people to maintain a friendship and sometimes I'm sure I did do something but it isn't always me. Not everything that goes wrong is my fault. I hope.
I know she doesn't mean it in a vicious sense it's just how she is. But I worry it might have rubbed off on me a bit. I don't know, maybe I'm just destined to be the way I am and no amount of trying will change it.



  1. I think (and hope) that the vast majority of guys out there don't hate women and don't think that feminism is a terrible thing. There are a small minority of guys with extreme views and the internet seems to give them a way to amplify their rants. The thing is, it's OK if guys like this don't want to date you because you wouldn't want to date them either, right? There are plenty of guys in the world who like women and don't have these prejudices - most of them just don't end up writing about it on the internet because they're busy actually dating women instead!

    1. I think you're right. I do feel sorry for any girl or guy who ends up on one of those forums though-especially now that the best one imo is down/gone. And yes, I wouldn't touch one of them with a ten foot pole! I wonder if they realise that, like most animals, we have an inbuilt radar for people who hate us-wether they are pretending to be nice or not.