Friday, 15 November 2013

Today? Today was okay.

I had an okay day today, first of all me and my sister seem to be on the same page (don't get me wrong this could change. My sister can change her mind in 0.001 seconds so nothing is ever concrete...) for the time being. I accepted both our offers and I now have my own uni student page to visit, soon we'll get students cards and we can go to a course info day in early January to organise our courses. So far we both agree that starting part-time is best after having being out of school for so long (this will delay any exchange opportunities as you have to be full time, but maybe that's a good thing-gives me more time to mentally prepare) so we're talking about signing up for 2 units: Biology 1 and chemistry 1, which are in common for both of our courses. We need to try and fit the tutorials into one day if we can so my sister can still work-but for the time being she's talking about shuffling her work to fit the course and not the other way round. I'm still slightly concerned about the work, even though my course has no math specific units I still worry about it and I know zip about chemistry. Hopefully the part-time course load will allow me to chase up any back info I need to start.
And I found this shirt that comes in a hedgehog, bunny and fox version, enough to brighten anyones day ;):
critter shirts

Oh and (Matt, if you're reading this cover your eyes!) tie dye converse! These are so cool:

tie dye converse

I'm not sure if I should sort of imagine ahead and plan that yes I will go on exchange or if it's bad to do that when maybe I won't be able to? It's something I really would like to do if I can......with the first 6 months part time it wouldn't be until semester 2 2015 (seems so far away *sigh*) that I could go as you need 12 months full time study to apply. Should I go see the exchange office as soon as I start so they know I want to go if I get the chance or would that be overkill? 
So if all goes well here is the (rough!) plan:
Start uni feb 2014 part time (2 units) for 6 months
Switch to full time from mid 2014
finish first year of uni 2014 (this would be a major oh yeah! moment)
Start 2nd year of uni 2015 for 6 months, apply to go on exchange-for 12 months or maybe 6 months
spend 6-12 months on exchange, 6 months back late 2015, 12 months back mid 2016
3rd and final year (or half year) of uni!
Maybe postgrad overseas........

Anyway today was okay :)
PS the incel forum is back up-there for a bit I thought it might be gone for good, even though I'm still not able to post it's a good resource for those of us in this position. I particularly like 'get the f*ck out of your house' ( thread, sound advice that........I'm working on it! Also 'the seven deadly sins of incel' ( thread is a good read.


  1. Great to hear that uni plans are looking good at the moment! I hope your sister sticks with the current plan.

    I'm on a trip to the USA for a couple of weeks so my comments might be a bit slower in coming for a while, just so you know - I wouldn't want you to think it was just because of that picture of those abominable shoes ;)

    1. Thanks!
      Have fun! I'd love to go on a USA road trip one day.....make sure you eat lots of disgusting greasy food for me :)
      Also excuse me those shoes are fabulous. Fabulous I tell you ;)

  2. Yay for school! I was out for 14 years, going back was the best thing I've ever done. My brain was a little rusty at first...still working through some of the kinks actually, but it's great! Congrats and have fun!

    1. I hope it goes okay! My brain is beyond rusty.....I have to find it first...;)