Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The 'Russian' look

When we went to Russia I often got mistaken for a local, people asked me for directions and I had one Russian lady try to have a chat with me in a lift (she was shocked when I told her that I was not russian 'you're sure?' she asked, well yeah actually LOL), I thought it was likely my sheepskin coat and long hair that did it-but since then whilst telling the story I've been told I've got 'that russian look' or 'that russian thing going on'. It leaves me wondering, what kind of russian look are they talking about? I mean is it the Anna Kournikova russian look? Or the Vladimir Putin russian look? So far I've been too afraid to ask. What is that russian look? No idea. 

PS as an interesting aside when on the metro (which is an experience in and of its self :) ) as long as we kept our mouths shut no one looked at us twice-however as soon as you spoke the whole train carriage would turn on mass to stare at was a little bit unnerving LOL 

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  1. Lol when I go to Germany people always think I'm German and I get asked for Germans mostly . It's funny because I am blue eyed and somewhere between a dark blonde and very light brown so in that respect I do fit. I wish I really were German tbh. In other places I always get asked if I am either English or German. A friend of mine is always pegged for a Russian, she has really white skin, black hair, brown eyes so you'd think that's not the typical look but there you have it..