Monday, 2 December 2013


My niece has 6 weeks school holidays soon (!!!!) and as her mother is working it means my mother will be looking after her. She's 10. We live on a large property-she can swim. I think I'm a reasonable person. But I've been made to feel like some kind of horrible Grinch because I suggested that, you know, if she was going to watch 12 hours of mindless awful TV she might do it somewhere I'm not. Also that maybe when she's outside doing something else, or playing with the dogs, we may turn the TV off. I'm nearly positive the world won't end.
It's nearly impossible to work on my computer or think really when you have teenage girls screaming every 0.3 seconds about nothing on TV-I also really hate the blatant discrimination on these shows of anyone that's less than normal, stupid maybe but it really bothers me something fierce. Also they repeat the episodes at least 2x a day so you get to see them again and again and again. Want to know what I'm talking about? Go ahead and google iCarly or Victorious, is your brain numb yet? Don't worry there are at least another 3 shows that are nearly identical if those didn't do the trick.
I'm not anti-TV I think a few hours is great, I watch it myself, but I'm not exaggerating it goes on at 7am and doesn't turn off till 6pm when her mother picks her up. People am I being unreasonable about this?
Anyway my mother is off in a huff now so I guess I've got some peace for a little bit,


  1. Nope i don't think so. I used to tutor my cousins when they were 11-12 (twins), and if they stayed a while at my place afterwards, they would be glued to the TV. When I used to go to their house, they we also glued to the TV. I was always on their case about how much tv they watched and they hated me. They are older now and they still don't like me very much :p

    1. LOL yeah, 90% of the she isn't even watching it just has it on for the sake of it while doing other things. Drives me nuts. Glad I'm not the only one :)