Thursday, 12 December 2013

I hate everybody

except you. But that's conditional, are you going to be nice to me? ;)
My sister is driving me crazy. Again. Maybe one day I'll finally get used to her but I doubt it.
She now only wants to do one subject at uni. A subject I'm not doing, of course, because that is the best way to make everyones life as difficult as possible. Wouldn't want anything to be simple now. The biggest problem is this: so we do one subject for the first semester. Then what? We're behind with no hope of catching up, we've added 6-12 months to the degree and my sister has no plans to change anything in the second semester so how is she going to do more subjects then? Does she expect that the gods are just going to align so that she can work and do uni exactly when she wants? No. Sacrifices have to be made. She just doesn't want to make them. She'll complain about it after though when she's working the same job and getting the same pay. What she wants is for me to tell her to stick it, then she'll quit and blame me for her not being able to go. She's so obvious. I really don't want to give her the satisfaction but I'm not sure what the hell I'm going to do now. God she makes my life hell sometimes. She's also got my mum frothing at the mouth because she's acting so entitled about everything when it's my mum whose actually doing her a favour and never the other way round-does she really not see it? Or is she just that entitled and selfish?


  1. Sorry to hear that things may not be going the way you want them to go here. It would be great if your sister did want to do the same thing as you, but it's clear that relying on your sister to do things like this is not a good tactic. I would strongly recommend finding a way to do this that does not rely on your sister. Whatever help you were hoping for from her (a safe person to go with; transportation; joint study?), try to get it from someone else - your mum, or a friend. Any lecturer worth their salt will understand if they're privately informed that you need support from your mum/friend for social anxiety. Don't put yourself in a situation where your sister has the power to mess up your whole year. If you can find other people to rely on instead of her then you can just leave her to make whatever decisions she chooses and you won't need to worry so much about them, and I imagine it might take some of the pressure off your relationship and you might each get less frustrated with the other. Just my opinion (and I'm probably biased: I'm generally very independent and I hate the idea of relying on anyone for anything.)

    1. Yep you are right. I was just hoping to get over the initial hump to be honest, because obviously my sister doesn't want to go to Canada for a year LOL I'm going to try my best :) I've actually found out they are offering some of the lectures online which may help the situation with my sister, but the thing that really bothers me is not that she doesn't want to but the fact that she tries to twist it around to look like it's me who's causing the problem-I hate that.
      I really, really want to be independent, as a matter of fact if I had to choose between having my first relationship or being the sort of person who finds a cheap airfare and heads off for 6 months backpacking it would be really hard for me to pick.