Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Ugh. So many decisions so little time...or something.

I found out that our Chem 101 class films all it's lectures, so I told my sister this and lo and behold we can fit our classes in to 2 days by using the online lectures. Great right? Except now I'm kind of worried about missing the lectures in person....I mean they'll be exactly the same online (the slides are included and everything) but I just worry it'll make it too hard. We'll be attending all our tutes and pracs though so hopefully it'll be okay......I really want this to work out....cross your fingers for me please!
The other thing I'm struggling with is dependence. I don't want to be my sisters puppet. I don't want to be anybody's puppet for that matter, it's a horrible position to be in :( I'm wondering if (as I'm not working) I should try and take 3 subjects-meaning there'll be one I'll be doing completely separate from my sister, but then maybe I'd be taking on too much and trip myself up? I can of course drop the subject before census if needed.........what do you guys think?
I'm also having the thought that maybe I should cut my hair into a bob, like it'll somehow make me more professional and capable..........I have no idea where I get that feeling from. It's weird.
I'm also trying to get a firmer grip on my vision of the future and what's realistic and what's not. Is it realistic to want to study overseas or is it other people do and I never will? Will I ever get confident in social situations by myself? If I don't can I live with that? How can I live with that?
I watched a documentary of a guy who rode a horse across Mongolia to Hungary (http://www.timcopejourneys.com/page/journeys/on-the-trail-of-genghis-khan/) and I ached to do something like that, I want to have adventures and it's so frustrating that the only person stopping me is me.
Also I'm having a hard time understanding why people like baths.....it's all elbows and knees and slippery to boot.
I'd also kill for some pad thai right now....but the restaurant is an hour away......but christmas is the time to indulge yourself, right? Maybe not....
Also I'm loving this jacket, pity it's so expensive and it's, y'know summer:


Anyway that's it for now,
PS if you want to see something cool check out this 'average face of' link: http://justsomething.co/curious-study-calculates-the-average-female-face-for-each-country/
Cool eh?


  1. Fingers crossed for you! I'm surprised that you're thinking of taking on a third subject too because I thought you weren't sure whether starting uni would be a lot of work even just with two subjects. Then again, if there's no downside to dropping one later if necessary then I guess you have nothing to lose.

    I don't know whether "bob" haircuts look more professional, but I have a feeling that more men are into longer hair rather than shorter hair, so from a dating point of view it might not be a shrewd move (but it also depends on whether you in particular suit long or short hair better, and also I don't know what Aussie blokes specifically are into!)

    1. Yeah I am worried but to catch up I can either do 3 in the first semester and then 1 in the intensive winter semester or I can do 2 in the first semester and then 2 in the intensive winter semester. But if I do 2 in the winter semester I think it'll be pretty intense-I'm not sure what to do.

      Yeah, but what do they consider long? Mines about hip length....I wonder if that isn't more off putting then just a bob. I think Id look oaky either way way, but I like long hair best :) As for aussie guys-surfer chicks? I dunno LOL

    2. Ah, OK - I can see why you'd want to structure your courses that way.

      I guess hip-length hair is rather long. A bob would be a very drastic change though - maybe somewhere in between as a compromise! I think it all depends on what suits you best. Maybe ask a few different hairdressers or something - get a range of opinions, but bear in mind that they may want to suggest things that mean you pay them a load of money!

    3. Yeah, there's always the possibility that 3 units may be too much to start and I may be better able to cope with intensive after I've had some time to adjust, I'm not sure yet.

      LOL what most people consider long I think is short :) It's funny how your perception can change depending on what you're used to.