Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Y'all, the internet is a cruel place

I just had to vent this. I posted on an education forum (I've been having some second thoughts about the degree I'm thinking of doing), just a casual 'hey what do you think?' post. And I got a nasty reply. 'you never said please or thank you in your post' well no I didn't because I thought it was a given that I was asking for advice, that people reading the forum were there to give and would appreciate any given and as there was nothing to say thank you for I didn't include that either, then they went on to give me advice that made it clear they hadn't even read my post finished with 'your post was very poorly written'. Well. I'm sorry my post wasn't carefully constructed, proof read and then edited, it was just a casual friendly enquiry and I didn't realise I was being judged on it. The worst part is I should have a thick enough skin for it not to get to me, but it does and I don't know how to stop it.
I mostly consider the internet my friend, I write this blog to be read by people who are feeling alone or people who are wiser than me and wish to give advice. Which I very much appreciate. I know my posts can be disjointed and all over the place, with numerous cruelties commited to grammer along the way-but I do this as a stress reliever and having to second guess every single word kills that for me.
And as I'm not a cruel internet dweller myself, I say: Merry Christmas.
PS I'll post again, maybe tomorrow, with some more info about my course second thoughts.


  1. Ugh - sorry to hear that you came across someone who uses the internet to vent at people and to try to make people feel bad about themselves. I try to remember that it's not personal to me at all - they're the one with the problem and they'll just attack whoever they can - but it can be hard to remember that at times. For what it's worth, I think your posts are well-constructed - but the important thing is that they're yours and anyone who doesn't like them can go and read something else anyway! There'll always be a few jerks floating around but hopefully they'll be outnumbered by more pleasant people.

    1. Yeah I know, I just don't get why they feel the need :( Unfortunately there are people in real life who do it too, luckily it's rarer.
      To be honest as long as my posts are readable and make some sense I'm happy :)

  2. Oh dear, try not to be discouraged. Idiots are all around us and unfortunately they are more prevalent on the internet. Those people probably don't have any other form of entertainment in their lives so resort to attacking people online. I don't think there are any issues with the way you write.

  3. Thanks! I appreciate you saying that :)