Monday, 9 December 2013

I mostly go nude, actually

Firstly I apologise-this post is likely to be a lot less exciting then the title may at first make it appear. Sorry.
Mostly I go nude. Well my face does anyway. The only thing I put on my face with any regularity is sunblock the higher SPF the better, I'm currently using a 50 SPF powder (this one) that I like, it's transparent and so has no visible affect on my skin. Apart from protecting it from the sun one hopes anyway. Which brings me to the 'no makeup' make up look, yep you read that right, most ladies who say they don't wear much makeup or men who think a girl has no makeup on is rocking this look. It's very nice and I love it. I haven't managed it myself yet though. Here are some ladies wearing natural makeup for you to see what I'm talking about:

'no makeup' makeup

And then there are the girls that can make themselves up and look amazing, pulled together and polished, I don't think I'll ever master this one-for a start I have a habit of rubbing my eyes which isn't a good look if your eyes are all made-up. Here are some ladies wearing perfect polished makeup:

And then there's the actual no makeup look, this is how I mostly look, note there is a big difference between the two blondes and the brunette-the blondes look a bit 'blah' and muted whereas the brunette looks good with the higher contrast between her dark hair, light skin and pale eyes. I'm of the muted variety:
My sister is of the high contrast group, dark brown hair, light skin and bright grey eyes, I also was much less muted when once for a very brief time my hair was red. But as I'm lazy and don't like dying my hair I'm back in the muted camp.
I feel that I should be making an effort to wear makeup, that I'll get more respect if I do, but at the same time I'm pretty inept at applying it which often looks much, much worse than forgoing it altogether. Then there's also the whole if I ever go on a date will I be able to make myself look presentable? My idea of a date look is the whole natural makeup look, I imagine for a lot of girls it's the perfect polished look though, is the natural makeup look good enough? Especially as I can't wear heels which dials down the wow/feminine factor right off the bat. I don't know. Currently I'm trying to master a simple, quick natural look using BB cream and lipstain. My sister tints my lashes so I don't have to worry about mascara, which is good cause I always end up with it everywhere! Anyway onto other things.
I'm officially enrolled in uni now, 2 subjects picked out (chem 101 and bio 101) I need to talk to my course convener before I pick out my third subject. Scary! I've actually lost some weight from all the fretting I've been doing *sigh*
Somehow our pressure system (country living people, you city folk just turn on a tap!) has taken to either blasting you with either really hot or freezing cold water. Nice. Can't get it sorted till after Christmas so it's either vigilant showers (ie jumping in and out of the water depending on the temp) or baths. I vote baths. Have to be careful though as we have to keep track of our water usage as we only have rain water in tanks.
It would also appear that the Incel forum is dead. RIP. I'll miss you.
I haven't meet any cute dudes nor have I started internet dating yet. I did see a cute guy with amazing blonde hair though, does that count?
Matching underwear:
Is it important? I don't know.....
James Deen is accepting applications from normal girls to film a scene with him, if I was in america I'd be sorely tempted to apply-who better to learn from than the master? I think I might be a bit too shy for him though......and if he pulled my hair I'd have to hurt him LOL. I wonder how much you guys want to know...I don't want to over-share...but I get so sick of the perception that virgins are somehow naive and prudish about sex, or have been abused or have trouble getting aroused or orgasming or are just plain 'wrong' somehow it's just not true as blanket statements mostly aren't. I'm sure some virgins are one or some or all of the above. But I'm not. I like having sex with myself, I can have multiple orgasms, I even like reading erotica, basically the only thing missing is another person. I have no romantic illusions about having sex for the first time at all, I don't need a fairytale, just someone I like who likes me and is willing to show me the ropes-it doesn't even have to be a long term thing. I think I'm pretty realistic. Pity I'm so awfully awkward in real life though. Hmmm anyway hopefully I haven't over-shared too much :)
My readers:
Having said that if any of you want to know my opinion on something or ask me a question feel free, I don't bite ;) Even if you just want to say hi feel free to leave a comment or email, I love reading them.



  1. I'm going to say the cute guy with amazing blonde hair counts :D. And with the natural look, I want to get it right too. As of now I just use powder and lip gloss and that's it. Though I have the bad habit of biting my lips so basically I just end up with powder.

    1. Good I'm glad, it was all blonde and shoulder length and curly and, well, perfect......and he was wearing workboots. Love a man in workboots.
      Have you tried the BB creams? I'm getting a heap of samples from Skin 79 to try.....hopefully one will fit. Seriously, try lipstain, I dry my lips and use a very, very small amount of a light pink one blot with a tissue and put chapstick over the top-stuff lasts for ages and is so easy to touch up and best of all doesn't taste foul. Try it, I have a covergirl one but Stila is nice too, just don't go too bright a nice muted pink looks fairly natural-the brighter ones can be a bit OTT.

    2. I thought I replied this but I guess it didn't go through. I am definitely going to try lip stains. A few people have told me about them (there's a good revlon one as well I think?) but I haven't bought any. With BB creams, it's a bit hard to find the right shade for my darker skin tone.

    3. Yeah I often loose track of my posts LOL
      Lipstain is great, but just use a light hand or you'll likely look and think OMG I look like a clown! A little really does go a long way!
      Yeah BB would be hard for darker skin, Skin 79 has released a bronze version though, maybe get a sample and see if it's dark enough?

  2. I think that the "natural look" is a good way to go. If you go on a first date wearing loads of makeup and an outfit that you would hardly ever wear normally then it can end up putting pressure on you to maintain a look that isn't really you. I think it's better to look the way that you like to look and then find someone you likes you that way.

    1. Hey Matt :)
      How's your trip to the ole US of A going? Hope you're having fun!

      Well I agree, on many levels but mainly the one where even if I tried I'd look like an overdone drag queen. Yeah, not a great look.....I do love sequins though!

    2. I'm sure there's a middle ground between "sequins" and "drag queen" to aim for! My USA trip was good thanks - got back last week. Great to see some people and places and also to be away from work for a while (although now it has been extra busy being back.)

    3. There is, rule is only one sequin thing at a time anymore and it's definite drag queen territory LOL
      Glad you had fun :) Good your back too I like reading your comments.
      Although with Christmas coming up I guess we'll all be pretty busy :)